NEW! URBAN X – Unique Sample-Synth


URBAN X – Unique Sample-Synth

Due to popular demand URBAN X, previously available only in the Urban Suite bundle, is now available as individual instrument with a newly expanded library, for only $79!

A sample-synth from the street, URBAN X combines 3 of our fully-featured synth voices with a massive set of sounds suited for all modern music styles including hip-hop, edm, pop, composition and more. The easiest way to think of URBAN X is turntable meets synthesizer, but not just one—three of them—which means you can layer and tweak sounds to create totally new sonic expressions. Use it as a simple sample player, polyphonic synth, or go extreme, layering, morphing and distorting the sounds for wild effect.
URBAN X is a versatile and fully customizable instrument designed to bring new sounds and creativity to your workflow.

》》 Now Available《《

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UVI Workstation | v.2.5.6 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.6. > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

- [Fix] Fix regression concerning some script introduced in previous versions
- [Fix] Fix display issue on OSX with very long file name
- [Fix] Fix non Latin device name display in browser

Join us at the 2014 AES Convention

UVI AES Convention 2014

We are exhibiting at the 2014 AES Convention in Los Angeles

LA Convention Center – October 10-12, 2014
Avid Connectivity Partner Pavilion – Booth No. 1101 – P09

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NEW! SweepMachine – Noise and Sweep Designer


SweepMachine – Noise and Sweep Designer

Due to popular demand SweepMachine, previously available only in the Electro Suite bundle, is now available as individual instrument with new factory presets.

A versatile noise and sweep designer developed for supreme ease of use. Create everything from typical noise sweeps found in dance music to complex, evolving noise beds and effects perfect for sound designers. SweepMachine provides 3 oscillators, 34 noise types, multi-mode filters, effects, LFO modulation and more in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

》》 Now Available《《

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Vintage Vault | What do users say?

Vintage Vault

The history of synthesis at your fingertips!
The entire UVI Vintage Series catalog, a comprehensive collection of 36 instruments giving you the most important synth, drum and sampler sounds from the last 50 years.


Vintage Vault GUI

User Reviews

David Browning – Producer: Katy Perry, Natalie Grant, Ce Ce Winans, Mecca, Avalon
“I don’t often do this, but I just wanted to say a big “thank you” for your wonderful instruments! I have Vintage Vault, and absolutely love the Darklight and Digital Synsations! Exactly the way I remember the originals. Really wonderful sounds, easy to use, etc. I’ve become a fan, that’s for sure! You all are doing amazing work!”

Jesse Stern – Bassist for Sly Stone, Jordin Sparks, George Clinton and Chad Smith & Co-Founder of the 80′s tribute band: The Young Guns
“This Digital Synsations is a really great package!”

Tom Zahn
“Vintage Vault is great, one of the best sounding software on the market, without any doubt! Keep on the great work.”

Stefano Severi
[About The Beast] “This instrument is a really beautiful piece of gear and I’m proud to use it.”

Vintage Vault Instruments

[About Digital Synsations] “I just wanted to tell you how outstanding it is. Its unbelievable the way you guys have sampled. Its like hearing the actual hardware cent percent.”

Hans Wessels
“UltraMini is brilliant. Very good sounding and almost better than the original Moog hardware… Well, let’s say: more useful!”

Ron Evans
[About Emulation II] “Terrific! Sounds fantastic!”

Josh Mayfield
“Beat Box Anthology is the best commercial drum sample collection I’ve ever used.”


UVI Workstation | v.2.5.4 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.4. > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[New] Preset loading time optimization
[Fix] Fix possible hang when loading session
[Fix] Fix possible issue with mono mode
[Fix] Fix possible issue with arpeggiator and scripted instruments

NEW! Vintage Vault – Vintage Synth Collection

The History of Synthesis at your Fingertips

UVI Vintage Vault

36 instruments. Over 5,000 presets. 50 years of sound innovation

Vintage Vault gives you access to the entire vintage instrument collection from UVI. Explore endless possibilities with dozens of synths, samplers and over 80 drum machines in this incredible bundle. A savings of over 80% compared with buying the individual instruments (valued at over $2,400) Learn more

Vintage Vault includes: Beat Box Anthology, Darklight IIx, Digital Synsations, Emulation II, Emulation One, Mello, String Machines, The Beast, UltraMini, UVX-3P, UVX-10P, Vector Pro, Vintage Legends and WaveRunner.

》》 Now Available《《

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New | Acousticsamples ‘C7 Grand’

Introducing the C7 Grand — from acclaimed developer Acousticsamples

C7 Grand

This stunning representation of the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano offers a new level of realism, delivering both simplicity and detail with 3 mixable pairs of microphones, advanced sound controls such as pedal down and sympathetic resonance, sostenuto, repedal, and comprehensive tuning options, all in a sleek and efficiently designed user interface.


» Extremely realistic sound and customizable response
» 3 fully mixable microphone pairs
» Advanced simulations of Pedal Down and Sympathetic Resonance
» Accurate Repedal, Sostenuto and Half-Pedal action
» Adjustable Velocity and Volume curve control
» Custom tuning by note, octave or entire piano

For more information:

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We are exhibiting at the IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles

SAE Institute – June 14, 2014

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Free Mello

Come see us June 14th at IMSTA Festa in Los Angeles
and get a voucher good for a free copy of Mello.

UVI Workstation | v.2.5.3 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.3. > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[Fix] Fix possible hang when bouncing offline
[Fix] Fix crash related to Guitar Boxes
[Fix] Minor engine fixes