UVI Workstation | v.2.5.4 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.4.

http://www.uvi.net/uvi-workstation.html > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[New] Preset loading time optimization
[Fix] Fix possible hang when loading session
[Fix] Fix possible issue with mono mode
[Fix] Fix possible issue with arpeggiator and scripted instruments

NEW! Vintage Vault – Vintage Synth Collection

The History of Synthesis at your Fingertips

UVI Vintage Vault

36 instruments. Over 5,000 presets. 50 years of sound innovation

Vintage Vault gives you access to the entire vintage instrument collection from UVI. Explore endless possibilities with dozens of synths, samplers and over 80 drum machines in this incredible bundle. A savings of over 80% compared with buying the individual instruments (valued at over $2,400) Learn more

Vintage Vault includes: Beat Box Anthology, Darklight IIx, Digital Synsations, Emulation II, Emulation One, Mello, String Machines, The Beast, UltraMini, UVX-3P, UVX-10P, Vector Pro, Vintage Legends and WaveRunner.

》》 Now Available《《

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New | Acousticsamples ‘C7 Grand’

Introducing the C7 Grand — from acclaimed developer Acousticsamples

C7 Grand

This stunning representation of the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano offers a new level of realism, delivering both simplicity and detail with 3 mixable pairs of microphones, advanced sound controls such as pedal down and sympathetic resonance, sostenuto, repedal, and comprehensive tuning options, all in a sleek and efficiently designed user interface.


» Extremely realistic sound and customizable response
» 3 fully mixable microphone pairs
» Advanced simulations of Pedal Down and Sympathetic Resonance
» Accurate Repedal, Sostenuto and Half-Pedal action
» Adjustable Velocity and Volume curve control
» Custom tuning by note, octave or entire piano

For more information:

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We are exhibiting at the IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles

SAE Institute – June 14, 2014

》Register for free here 《

Free Mello

Come see us June 14th at IMSTA Festa in Los Angeles
and get a voucher good for a free copy of Mello.

UVI Workstation | v.2.5.3 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.3.

http://www.uvi.net/uvi-workstation.html > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[Fix] Fix possible hang when bouncing offline
[Fix] Fix crash related to Guitar Boxes
[Fix] Minor engine fixes

NEW | EGP – Hybrid Electric Grand Piano

The most comprehensive electric grand piano instrument ever produced

UVI EGP Electric Grand

Boasting 5 channels of audio including electric, L/R and M/S mics, 10 unique playing styles, independent EQ, effects and dynamics for the electric and acoustic signals and over 100 professionally prepared presets, EGP is a truly deep and expansive instrument, capable of a wide range of sounds and precision, well beyond electric piano you’ve tried before.

》》 Now Available For $299 《《

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UVI Workstation | v.2.5.2 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.2.

http://www.uvi.net/uvi-workstation.html > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[Fix] Fix possible hang when bouncing offline

UVI Workstation | v.2.5.1 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.1.

http://www.uvi.net/uvi-workstation.html > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[Fix] Fix regression crash introduced in previous version with GM Neo-Soul Keys

UVI Workstation | v.2.5.0 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.0.

http://www.uvi.net/uvi-workstation.html > [Downloads] Tab


What’s new?

[New] New streaming engine with special optimization for lossless compressed sample format
[New] Background sample loading resulting in faster instrument loading
[Fix] CPU optimization of Xpander filter
[Fix] Reduce memory footprint
[Fix] Fix possible ASIO issue on Windows

New: 3 Activations per License!


All UVI products support authorization on up to 3 devices concurrently, on any combination of computers and iLok dongles via iLok License Manager.

3 Activations per License

This enhancement provides users with multiple workstations an immediate workflow improvement by eliminating the need to manually move a single authorization from system to system.

You can check how many activations your license allows and how many are used by selecting the license concerned in your iLok Account within the iLok License Manager (more info)

What about licenses registered prior to March 25?

Licenses registered before March 25 are single-activation licenses.
However, those licenses can be upgraded to support simultaneous activations by purchasing a 3 Additional Activations Pack for $29.
Please note that only current products are eligible to this option (not available for discontinued products such as F Grand Piano 278 or Synthox)

Step 1

Log in to your UVI Account and go to « My Products » (more…)

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