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Electro Suite | Create yours! • NEW •

We are pleased to launch today Electro Suite, a unique compilation of powerful instruments and a huge sounds library – featuring construction kits, loops and single elements – exclusively dedicated to Electronic Dance Music.     Simple use, rich sounds and inspiring tools – create your own electro hits at a glance! – By the makers

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Time to change | Old UVI soundbanks upgrades !

Do you own one or many of these UVI first-generation soundbanks? • PlugSound Box • X-treme FX (old) • Charlie • Ultra Focus     It’s time to change! Upgrade to new-generation UVI soundbanks! Until March 31st, save up 25% and get :

Emulation II | Josiah Bell, a Grammy Award Winning Producer, said …

Having tested Emulation II out, Josiah Bell, a Grammy Award Winning Producer/ Writer, who wrote Mat Kearney’s song, “Closer To Love”, which went on to reach the Billboard Top 100, stated :   “Emulation II is phenomenal!”   “The guys at UVI really out did themselves on this one, Emulation 2 has such a thick & rich sound filled

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Emulation II | Review from Wusik Sound Mag

A review for Emulation II from Wusik Sound Magazine. – Emulation II download : here – Emulation II DVD : here   * * * * * * * * Emulation II from UVI Posted on February 2012. By A. Arsov.   UVI is known as a firm specialising in making high quality sample libraries. They still do that, but

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Emulation II | Review from Computer Music Mag

A review for Emulation II from Computer Music magazine, that will be published on April 2012. – Emulation II download : here – Emulation II DVD : here   * * * * * * * * UVI Emulation II Will be posted on April 2012 (Computer Music magazine, page 102)   E-MU’s Emulator was the sampler of

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Complete Toy Museum | Musical Toy Extravaganza

This is a serious deal : Complete Toy Collection features tons of marvelous “ready to play” presets from more than 300 musical toys. ► on DVD : click here ► for download : click here     A massive 20 GB library containing more than 21 000 samples and loops carefully recorded in 24 bit

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Deal | Let’s get loud!

Until March 11th, let’s get loud! Six loudest sound banks at smallest prices for you.   For download only > here