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Tines Anthology | Review from Pro Tools Expert

Here below the first review for Tines Anthology, from Pro Tools Expert, the largest independent Pro Tools Community in the world, released on June 23rd. A big thanks for Wolfgang Suissitz.   You can read the original german version of this review here.     – Buy DVD ► here   – Download ► here

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Darklight IIx | Review from Failed Muso

  ——————————————————————————————————————————————–   Posted on June 2012 on Failed Muso blog By Rob Puricelli         It wasn’t that long ago that people like me, people with a passion for vintage samplers such as the Fairlight, Synclavier, Emulator, WaveFrame, et al, had very little to go on when it came to possessing some

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Darklight IIx | Your time has come !

UVI is very pleased to present Darklight IIx, a brand-new UVI instrument inspired by one of the most mythical Computer Music Instrument of the 80′s.     Costing upwards of $100 000, the desirable dream machine of the 80′s was unattainable by most. Used by countless prominent artists, including Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Michael Jackson,

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String Machines | Review from Nachbelichtet

Hi folks!, a website where you can find news, reviews and videos for musical, picture, video, and PC products; wrote us a nice review for String Machines, from   Big thanks to Markus Dollinger, who wrote the whole review.   Direct link to the review > here   – String Machines download :

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Tines Anthology | The soul of Electric Pianos

We are happy to release Tines Anthology, the ultimate UVI collection featuring eight fabulous Electric Pianos, deeply multi-sampled and wonderfully scripted. From 1965 to 2007, dive into the complete legacy of the most well known Electric Pianos brand!   SPECIAL! Introductory price : $149 instead of $199 • • • • • • • • Buy DVD

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Emulation II | Review From

Hi everyone. Here below another review for Emulation II and Drumulation (included in the library), from, an online magazine with musical product reviews. A huge thanks to Peter Grandl for this great review!     Link to the full review > here   • Emulation II download > here   • Emulation II DVD

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$99 deal extended | 3 more days. Until June 3rd.

Due to popular demand, the $99 offer has been extended for 3 more days. Until June 3rd, get all these products for only $99 each. VAT excluded. Download only.   ▼

Electro Suite | Review from Wusik Sound Mag

A review for Electro Suite from Wusik Sound Magazine. Thanks to Aleksander Arsov, who wrote the review.   • Electro Suite download : here   • Electro Suite DVD : here