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Vintage Vault | What do users say?

The history of synthesis at your fingertips!The entire UVI Vintage Series catalog, a comprehensive collection of 36 instruments giving you the most important synth, drum and sampler sounds from the last 50 years. 》》 CHECK IT OUT《《 User Reviews David Browning – Producer: Katy Perry, Natalie Grant, Ce Ce Winans, Mecca, Avalon“I don’t often do

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Sparkverb Reviews | An Acknowledged Success

The ultimate reverb software with modern and innovative controls, enhanced usability, breathtaking sound quality and remarkable CPU efficiency! We offer a 15-day fully functional trial with all features available! 》》 Try Sparkverb FREE for 15 days 《《 Official Reviews AskAudio Mag – October 2013 Resident Advisor – September 2013 “It’s hugely intuitive and yields wonderful

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UVI Artists Page

Check out our new Artists Page Ft Cassius, Dr. Dre’s Production Team, Fred Rister, Trevor Lawrence Jr., Teddy Riley, Dimitri Tikovoi, Fernando Garibay, Jon Carin, Emilie Simon & Shaka Ponk A huge thanks for their precious support!

UVI Synthox | Review from Failed Muso

UVI Synthox is one of the six Vintage Legends instruments.       Review posted on December 24th 2012 on Failed Muso blog By Rob Puricelli     The reason I have chosen this as the second instrument to review is that it closely follows the same paradigm as the CS-M, in that it only

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UVI CS-M | Review from Failed Muso

UVI CS-M is one of the six Vintage Legends instruments.       Review posted on December 24th 2012 on Failed Muso blog By Rob Puricelli     During the 70s and early 80s, Yamaha produced a range of superb analog synths, based on what they had learned from the mind blowing uber synth, the

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Electro Suite | Review from Resident Advisor

  Posted on October 17th 2012 on Resident Advisor By Daniel Petry         The degeneration of the term “electro” may be one of the greatest musical tragedies of the last 30 years. In the ’80s, acts like Mantronix, Afrika Bambaataa and Newcleus made an important contribution to hip-hop culture and laid the

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String Machines | Review from Computer Music

Featured in Computer Music Magazine Autumn 2012 issue         Rate : 9 /10 More sampled vintage gear from the Gallic ROMpler masters, String Machines brings you over 70 sampled patches from 11 classic analogue string synths of the 70s and 80s. The 1.2GB ROM loads into the free UVI Workstation or MOTU

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The legends. Reborn. What’s next?

Once strongly impressed and inspired by THE massive legendary machines of yesteryear and those “classic” 80s sounds that defy time and country, UVI has created a special collection of vintage instruments with powerful tools and authentic sounds, strengthened by the mythical spirit. Emulation One, Emulation II, Darklight IIx and The Beast made these legends come

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The Beast | Review from Pro Tools Expert

Posted on October 15th 2012 on Pro Tools Expert By Russ Hughes        

IRCAM Prepared Piano | Review by Jean-Jacques Birgé

Posted on September 28th 2012 on Jean-Jacques Birgé’s blog By Jean-Jacques Birgé       I’ve always dreamed of a prepared piano. I’ve been fascinated with the Chant du Monde record by François Tusques when I was a teenager, before discovering the Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage in a collection of Harmonia Mundi, or

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