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Electro Suite Demo Version

Explore new dimensions of sounds with Electro Suite : 5 powerful instruments designed for dance producers – DrumShaper, DirtyMONO, CarminePoly, SweepMachine and MissionControl. Try DrumShaper and MissionControl demos and experience the power yourself! How to Install Your Demo Version? The instruments of Electro Suite come packed with nearly 4.5 GB of sample material carefully recorded

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Year in Review. A look back at 2012.

2012 has been an extremely hectic and productive year for UVI, with almost 20 new releases and updates. Yet, it has not been without its challenges. As we start 2013, let us take a look back at what we’ve done over the last 12 months – there’s something for every taste. Our 2012 was …

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Electro Suite | Review from Resident Advisor

  Posted on October 17th 2012 on Resident Advisor By Daniel Petry         The degeneration of the term “electro” may be one of the greatest musical tragedies of the last 30 years. In the ’80s, acts like Mantronix, Afrika Bambaataa and Newcleus made an important contribution to hip-hop culture and laid the

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Electro Suite | Beat Magazine interview with UVI Creative Manager

We are very proud that UVI Electro Suite has been rated 6/6 by Beat Magazine, one of the most renowned Electro & DJ mags, and has received the Beat Editor Choice in the October 2012 issue.   Read the exclusive interview by Beat with our UVI Creative Manager, Alain Etchart. About Electro Suite.   ——————————————————————————————————————————————–

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Electro Suite | New UES SweepMachine tutorial

UES SweepMachine is specifically designed for creating long dramatic noise sweeps. 4 presets and 3 noise generators included.     ▶ Watch all Electro Suite tutorials (MissionControl, DrumShaper, SweepMachine, DirtyMONO)

Electro Suite | New UES DirtyMONO tutorials

Let’s continue to explore Electro Suite with the four new UES DirtyMONO tool tutorials!

Electro Suite | New UES DrumShaper tutorials

End of the summer vintage breeze. Start this fall with Electro Suite and its 6 new UES DrumShaper tool tutorials to spice the season up !   ——————————————————————————————————————————————–   UES DrumShaper ‣ OVERVIEW     UES DrumShaper is a unique tool dedicated to the most useful rhythm elements used in any kind of today’s Electro genre:

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Electro Suite | Review from Wusik Sound Mag

A review for Electro Suite from Wusik Sound Magazine. Thanks to Aleksander Arsov, who wrote the review.   • Electro Suite download : here   • Electro Suite DVD : here  

Electro Suite | Review by Rob Puricelli – Failed Muso

UVI Electro Suite is making its come-back with a great and lively well-explained review & videos from Failed Muso blog, by Rob Puricelli – a musician, producer in Suffolk, UK, who can be described by his warm and cinematic soundtracks. Right at the beginning of the post, Rob said : “If anyone is thinking that

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Electro Suite | UES Mission Control tutorial video

The very first UVI Electro Suite tutorial of our upcoming tuto series. Let’s start with UES Mission Control !