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A review for Electro Suite from Wusik Sound Magazine. Thanks to Aleksander Arsov, who wrote the review.
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Electro Suite from UVI

Posted on June 2012. By A. Arsov.

Electro Suite by UVI is a sound library pack, but also a lot more than that. It contains a lot of
construction kits that I usually don’t like and don’t use. But this one is different, let’s say it is much more than that.
It could be a bit pricey if this was only a loop collection spiced up with separate hits and beats, including the previously mentioned construction kits, but should we say it again: It is much more than that. Actually it is so tempting a collection that it should be a must-have for all electro or dance producers. I see a lot of packs, libraries aimed at electro dance producers, but this one is different, it offers a new approach, it is an “all in one” collection combining all the tools that a producer or dance musician needs under one roof. I like this collection because it can help the lazy ones, as you can use various elements from the construction kits to make a fresh dance anthem in a minute. Also, regarding the so called UES Mission Control, which is a powerful DJ mixer, it can serve as a DJ tool for live performance. (I was at a concert where a friend of mine, a certain well known Slovenian DJ, performed the whole concert with a very similar tool, an hour and a half and no one complained, so it looks like it wasn’t so bad solution at all!)
At the same time Electro Suite is also a very useful and powerful tool for professionals. OK, you can never have enough of well-produced and straight to the point baked bits and loops, a moment when construction kits come in handy – kick, snare, percussion and hat loops separately along with their accompanying “bits”, but that’s not the point, the main bait for pros is the UES Drum Shaper, one of the most powerful and most user friendly drum tools I have seen so far. Can you imagine the heaven where you can construct the kick from three different elements? Using three different kicks, one for attack, second one for the body and one for decay, and that’s just to start! Can you imagine the keyboard in that heaven where you can tune every element by pressing just one note, and all those additional controllers. Tweak left, tweak right, whatever you do, you can’t go wrong. Filtering, decaying, sparkling, panning those elements. When you fry all the elements, kick, snare, clap and hi hat, then you can combine all those elements in a pattern window where you can go old fashioned with a TR sort of sequencer. If you think that you are in heaven manipulating the bass drum than you haven’t seen what can be done with the claps.
Dear Martin, I’m really afraid that through the whole existence of human kind we will never see the day when every single person will be free on this planet. Put it simply this way, there are still too many people that have heads too small for such a big cap, but at least here comes a day when every single drum hit and beat is set free, at least in an isolated UVI heaven. OK, OK, I’ve been gone a bit too far, but this Drum Shaper is really an impressive tool.
Chapter II
So far we’ve got an impressive collection of loops, beats and hits, a mighty DJ mixer – UES Mission Control – where we can mix all those included elements, the three drum loops (combining the kick and snare loops with percussion and hi-hat loops), bass loops (yes, also a nice number of bass lines), the lead and arpeggiated synth loops (as you may have noticed, the whole Electro Suite thing became more and more impressive). Solo, mute, commute – just kidding – filter, pan, tune, all in real time. Every construction kit contains also a bass and lead line which can be modified on a keyboard as none of the loops change the tempo when you change pitch, so all you need to do is to play in time and you can get some fresh fancy lines out of those instrumentals loops, nicely done UVI.

We’ve already mentioned UVI Drum Shaper, so is there any additional bait for pros and a bit less pro musos ? There are two analogue synths which are sample based, but still very powerful and very easy to operate or even to program. I’m not a “build your sound from scratch” type of musician, but have to admit that these two beasts are so simple to use, that even an idiot can get something useful out of them. (Don’t feel offended if it happens that you can’t, because it just means that you are not an idiot…) Yes, you get it, I’m a bit of a programming idiot, but figured out the whole thing in a minute. No matter that it is a pure joy to tweak UES Carmine Poly and UES Dirty Mono, there is a still place for the only complaint that I have regarding the Electro Suite. Both synths come with only a few presets, as it is really easy to get very versatile results with both of them, I can’t see the reason why the UVI folks didn’t provide us with more presets. I presume that their argument could be that they give us presets which use different samples as a base, trying not to confuse us with variations, but this could be easily solved with subdirectories.
My biggest complaint is about the fact that you cannot save new presets you’ve made with any of the synths or even with Drum Shaper. You can drag the samples into your sequencer, that’s the bonus of UVI Workstation, but I would love to see a place for saving all those things for use in my other arrangements.


The professionals always say that every song is a case unto itself. That’s a nice explanation for the public, but we are all cheating here and there. Both synths share a similar flexibility where you can manipulate samples in a way that was only possible in non-sampled synths by changing everything through filters.
UES Carmine Poly features dual VCOs and it reminds me of an Access Virus (not only by its colour) and you can go totally mad with all those excellent sounding filter types, cut-offs, ADSR octave goodies and other bacon and vegetables.
Flexible and versatile as hell. (But yes, we want more presets, please) UES Dirty Mono brings a bit different character, having only one VCO but it comes with really handy arpeggiator, powerful and easy to operate, it even has a step by step sequencer offering really impressiv results, also the included effects give the right colour. Both synths are really electro dance oriented and we can get those Anthem sounds in a minute, but have I already mentioned that it would be nice to see more presets along with the “save” possibility? Hmm… probably not.
Chapter XXI
Along with those almighty synths, loops, beats, drum tool and DJ mixer we also get a UES Sweep Machine. A small but powerful sweep tool, flexible like chewing gum, where you can build ultrashort
or long as Monday sweeps that could last until Sunday evening. Sub noise, metal, various noises, filters, delay, sparkle, speed, flanger, you name it and you will get it.

Gold medal
I know that I made one or two complaints during our Electro Suite ride, but the whole pack is so powerful, well recorded and prepared, so straightforward and decked out with all the things that electro dance producers can only dream of. It is so very far from being just another sample pack or tool for dance market that the creators, Alain, Emmanuel and Damien deserve a gold medal for achieving the best “all in all” tool for attacking the dance chart, no matter your skills, being a professional or just being me – just kidding. It is definitive a collection that will break your heart without killing your wallet. (Not so cheap, but almost every element separately can cost at least two thirds of the full price.)
Medal of honour
We shouldn’t forget to give a medal of honour to Elisabeth who finally puts in order all those previously mentioned recording, programming and collecting UVI animals, showing them a new
direction. (Fly Robin Fly, up, up to the sky…) The gold medal she will get when she includes links to the product page for all those videos, reviews and other goodies from the UVI Blog net. I spent some quality time trying to find old mails with UVI Blog news amongst all my daily mails just to
watch again those excellent video clips where this product is represented in the best manner.
Happy ending
Beam me up, Scotty, directly to the dance chart. UVI’s Electro Suite will cost you 199 USD. (sandwiches with Gorgonzola and pickles are excluded from that offer)

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