New: 3 Activations per License!


All UVI products support authorization on up to 3 devices concurrently,
on any combination of computers and iLok dongles via iLok License Manager.

3 Activations per License

This enhancement provides users with multiple workstations an immediate workflow improvement by eliminating the need to manually move a single authorization from system to system.

You can check how many activations your license allows and how many are used by selecting the license concerned in your iLok Account within the iLok License Manager (more info)

What about licenses registered prior to March 25?

Licenses registered before March 25 are single-activation licenses.
However, those licenses can be upgraded to support simultaneous activations by purchasing a 3 Additional Activations Pack for $29.
Please note that only current products are eligible to this option (not available for discontinued products such as F Grand Piano 278 or Synthox)

Step 1

Log in to your UVI Account and go to « My Products »

my account uvi

Step 2

Click on the blue + next to the product for which you want to buy the Additional Activations Pack

Additional Activations Pack

Step 3

Confirm by clicking the orange button 

Additional Activations Pack

Step 4

A dialogue box will appear stating the Additional Activations Pack was successfully added to your cart. Click “Go to Cart” if you do not want to purchase any other product


Step 5

After payment, you will receive an email containing the serial number.
- Click on the link « Register it now » to be redirected to the page « Product Registration »
- Put the serial number in the empty field and select the product license for which you bought the pack
- Click  « Register » to confirm
Your Additional Activations Pack is now activated.

Product Registration UVI

Step 6

Activate your « Additional Activations Pack »

- First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest iLok License Manager
- Once installed, launch the iLok License Manager and log in to your iLok account
(if you don’t have one, please create one on the iLok website)
- Go to the « Available » tab and locate your license
- Click « Show Details » : your license should now show 3 activations left that you can authorize on any of your iLok dongles and/or computers concurrently.

Please Note:
With the Additional Activations Pack, your product license will now allow 4 activations:
the original 1-activation license and this 3-activation backup license.



11 Responses

  1. Does this mean that those of us who don’t use the iLok dongle can use UVI stuff on more than one computer now after we upgrade to the 3 license pack too? I’m pretty new to this iLok stuff so forgive my ignorance. Thanks.

  2. david says:

    je trouve ça limite… Pas vraiment commercial. Encore payer pour autoriser une autre station c’est du racket.
    Vous allez nous faire payer toute correspondance par email bientôt, non ?

    Bien déçu …

    • Laure | UVI says:

      Désormais, tous les produits UVI achetés proposent 3 autorisations.
      Par le biais du Pack d’Activations Additionnelles nous offrons la possibilité aux clients possédant des licenses enregistrés avant le 25 mars 2014 de bénéficier eux aussi d’autorisations supplémentaires.
      De plus, le pack offrant 3 autorisations en plus de celle existante, les porteurs d’anciennes licences seront avantagés par un total de 4 autorisations, et non 3.

  3. Yutaka Tohyama says:

    I have registered a large number of software UVI. Do I need to purchase a license pack as many as the number of software such cases. Or how it would become valid for all licenses if I buy one

    • Laure | UVI says:

      Yes, you’ll need to purchase a pack for every product you own. The 3 activations added will allow for several authorizations on different devices concurrently. However, since you are able to move your license from one device to another at will, purchasing an Activations Pack remains optional.

      More info on the FAQ >

      How do I move my license from a computer to an iLok (and vice versa)?
      1. Launch iLok License Manager and sign in
      2. Locate your license
      3. Right-click on it and select “Deactivate” – the license will appear in the “Available” tab

      4. Drag and drop the pending license to your computer or your iLok dongle

      • Yutaka Tohyama says:

        Thank you for giving me an answer. However, as I just purchased the software of your company also recently, I think you better and if it was not it should go ahead to version up of this time did on take favorable measures for existing users a little more

  4. Nicola says:


    I dont understand well.
    If I have five product bought before 25th march ,
    I must buy 5 new license for 58$ ( 3+3 Licenses).

    It is OK ?


    • Laure | UVI says:

      Hi Nicola,
      You’ll need to purchase a pack containing 3 additional authorizations for every product you own: 1 product = 1 pack = 4 activations(the one you already own + the three of the Additional Pack).

      However, this is not a mandatory feature. And since you are able to move your license from one device to another at will, purchasing an Activations Pack remains optional.

      More info on the FAQ >

  5. Jan Jedrzejczyk says:

    I received a very friendly and helpful support from UVI in connection with activation packs. I had stressing experiences forgetting/loosing my iLok before live performance. Downloading the updated ufs files I’ll be able to activate my older packs at the machine not iLok. Thanks for that!

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