Electro Suite | Review from Pro Tools Expert (formerly the AIR Users Blog)

Hi everyone. Here below a extended video review for Electro Suite, from Pro Tools Expert, the largest independent Pro Tools Community in the world, that recently awarded MachFive 3 the “Editors’ Choice”.
Electro Suite, the new UVI instrument launched by the end of March, features a unique compilation of powerful instruments and a huge sounds library, exclusively dedicated to Electronic Music.
Simple use, rich sounds and inspiring tools – create your own electro hits at a glance!

- By the makers of David Guetta’s ElectroBeats

• Electro Suite download : here
• Electro Suite DVD : here

Check out the new Electro Suite video review made by Russ Hughes.

YouTube Preview Image

A huge thanks to Russ Hughes for this new review!

Link to the review : http://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home-page/2012/4/4/extended-video-review-of-uvi-electro-suite.html


Electro Suite includes :
• 5 easy-to-use instruments and tools (DrumShaper, MissionControl, DirtyMONO, CarminePoly, SweepMachine)
• a huge sounds library recorded and mastered to perfection
• ready-to-go presets from construction kits
Compatible with all DAW and samplers, thanks to :
UVI Workstation 2.0.4 (mandatory version)
MachFive 3

Create modern dance, electro and club hits you’ve ever dreamed of !
✓ Simple use
✓ Smart tools
✓ Powerful instruments
✓ Quick match
✓ Premium sample material
✓ Customizable sounds


Watch the original trailer and listen to other demo > here


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