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UVI String Machines review

Posted on June 3rd 2012

The french sample experts from UVI released an instrument with the famous sound generators from the 70s, the string machines, which you can hear on cult songs like in the intro of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, in Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr. Crowley”, and many other classics.
Keyboards like the Solina String Ensemble, the Siel Orchestra (which was actually on my second band in the rehearsal room) or the Korg Poly Ensemble were conceived to emulate the orchestra’s string section sounds. Far away from a realistic-sounding, these string sounds were special but very popular at this time, and today, people still enjoy this kind of sounds.

Which is also nice is that the sounding of old string ensembles were interspersed well in the mix and provides a beautiful, ethereal soundscape.
Based on the available free UVI Workstation, which is available for Windows and for Mac, you have 11 of the most interesting string machines of yesteryear in only one instrument. Specifically, there are the Korg Poly Ensemble PE2000, the Eko Stradivarius, the Siel Orchestra (identical to the Arp Quartet), the Excelsior K4 synth strings, the Logan String Melody (which is identical to the Wersi String Ensemble), the Crumar Performer, the Elka Rhapsody, the Yamaha string Ensemble, the Yamaha SS30, the Roland RS-505, the Roland VP-330 and my personal favorite one, the ARP Solina String Ensemble.

Unlike the real keyboard, you can edit the sounds in the UVI Workstation with filters, ADSR filter and LFO. The dual-layer mode allows the layering of a second sound. The built-in step-modulator, and the wide range of effects of UVI Workstation also allow shaping. Just remember that old String Ensembles weren’t able to do it.

The sounds were carefully recorded with Prism converters in 24/96 and then converted to 16 bit and 44.1 kHz sampling rate, which led to an impressive 1.27 GB sample library. When playing, you immediately recognize the sound of this classic and very particular “violin table”.
For $ 99.00 you get much more than classic sounds. However, this sample libraries from UVI are secured with the iLok dongle, so the total cost will be consequently raised if you still have no iLok.
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