String Machines | 11 vintage analog beasts. Reborn.

We are pleased to launch today String Machines, a digital hybrid instrument forged with the analog imprint of the 11 most musical string synths ever built.


Accessible, expressive, fully editable, rediscover all authentic sounds used in several cult records!

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11 vintage analog beasts. Reborn.


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New tracks are coming up soon


Back in the 70′s, leading keyboard designers around the world attempted to reproduce orchestral string sounds through analog synthesis. The results were far from their original intent but were in no way failures. Used on countless cult records and engrained in our collective memory to this day; these ‘String Machines’ bore an analog soul on their own.

At UVI, we are obsessed with this, having spent countless hours working on ways to capture this analog soul and present it as an accessible, expressive, fully editable digital tool. So was born String Machines; a hybrid instrument, forged with the analog imprint of the 11 most musical string synthesizers ever built.
We’ve painstaking recorded thousands of samples with the very best analog and digital gear available, putting in everything we’ve learned in order to bring you this comprehensive instrument at an unbelievable price.
UVI String Machines is your doorway to a grand collection of analog gems from some of the most esteemed synth pioneers of our time. 





• Authentic sounds of character reproduce the analog grunge and warmth of yesteryear.
• Instant access to tons of presets and preset layers; find sounds you love and get inspired quickly!
• Dual layers. Select the machine and the associated sounds.
• No loading time when switching machines and sounds.
• Shape your sounds using authentic analog-modeled filters, envelopes, and LFOs.
• Experiment with the step modulator and take your sound out of this world!
• Samples recorded in 24/96 khz with Prism convertors, mastered to perfection and converted to 16/44.1 kHz.



Compatible with all sequencers

Thanks to the free UVI Workstation 2.0.5 (mandatory version), String Machines can work:

• as a stand-alone instrument, compatible with Mac & PC

• as a VST, AudioUnit, RTAS and MAS plug-in. iLok required.


Thanks to MachFive 3 – make the most of all the editing features offered!



11 machines wonderfully grungy and full of character



Korg Poly Ensemble PE2000

Heavy synthesizer widely used by the pioneers of 70′s electronic music


Eko Stradivarius

Also called “the italian analog string processor”


Siel Orchestra

Orchestral synthesizer with 4 tweakable presets: Brass, Strings, Organ and Piano


Excelsior Strings Synthesizer K4

Pretty rare string keyboard, introduced in 1975 by Elettronica Excelsior of Castelfidardo


Logan String Melody

Pure string synthesizer with great sound and three basic sounds: ‘Violin’, ‘Viola’ and ‘Cello’


Crumar Performer

Solid and fully polyphonic analog Strings and Brass machine 


Elka Rhapsody

Violin, Cello and Strings with that classic and unique shimmering ensemble effect


Solina String Ensemble

No doubt, this is THE String Machine


Yamaha SS30

Dual-oscillator classic string synthesizer full of wood



Very famous machine combining strings, a basic polysynth and a bass section 



Known as a vocoder, it contains excellent sounding strings and choirs.



Available now



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3 Responses

  1. Nick Trass says:

    Hi Alain,
    I’m just writing to say that this new synth’String Machines’ is such a great creation on your part, and is definitely something that has been missing from the virtual world for quite some time. I’m sure you are very proud of this one.
    Unfortunately I do have to ask if you are planning a special for this great machine because it is so amazing a machine but I still can’t afford things at that price. It’s my problem though because your software is a great price.
    If you can help I would be over the moon with joy, but I do understand if you can’t.
    I’m really just glad to see a warm machine like this finally appearing for everyone to enjoy.
    Nick Trass.

    • Elisabeth | UVI says:

      Hi Nick,

      I’m replying you on behalf of Alain. Really glad that String Machines please you!

      We’ve just launched the product so for the moment, no deal planned for it. But in the future, there would be some specials – we’ll keep you posted as soon as we decide to make deals on it.

      A big thanks for your kind words, make us feel so happy and even prouder of String Machines :)

      Best regards,

  2. Yasemin says:

    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unrdestnadable.

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