Time to change | Old UVI soundbanks upgrades !

Do you own one or many of these UVI first-generation soundbanks?

• PlugSound Box

• X-treme FX (old)

• Charlie

• Ultra Focus



It’s time to change!

Upgrade to new-generation UVI soundbanks! Until March 31st, save up 25% and get :
• PlugSound Pro instead of PlugSound Box
The UVI PlugSound Pro delivers 8 Gb of the most useful sounds. It includes all the sounds from the award-winning PlugSound Box (improved and redesigned especially for PlugSound Pro), a brand new Classical section providing a wide range of acoustic instruments, and a complete section of loops and phrases carefully sorted and ready to use.

• X-treme FX (new) instead of X-treme FX (old)
All the old X-treme FX sounds have been ported to UVI format.

• Retro Organs instead of Charlie
All the old Charlie sounds have been ported to UVI format.

• Synths Anthology instead of Ultra Focus
All the old Ultra Focus sounds have been ported to UVI format.

Why upgrade?

All the old sounds have been ported to UVI format, that is fully compatible with UVI Workstation, MOTU MachFive 3, and BPM, making your creativity more powerful than ever.

Thanks to the brand new UVI Workstation, especially the unlimited parts feature, the powerful expert mode and the new effects, you can now play and design the sound of Charlie, UltraFocus and X-Treme FX like never before.
How to upgrade?

➜ Go to UVI UltimateSoundBank

➜ Log in to your account (on your left).

➜ Check the upgrade to the UVI Soundcards or Complete Upgrade tab out.

➜ Discover the upgrade you are allowed to.
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2 Responses

  1. Ed Dunne says:

    Hello, I purchased X-treme FX in 2005 I think, I have not used it for years as you stopped supporting it for OSX or Logic 9 – I can’t remember which – What is the status of it now ?

    • Elisabeth | UVI says:


      The old version of X-Treme FX is not compatible with new systems. You need to use our new UVI Workstation with the new UVI X-Treme FX.

      The UVI Workstation software is way more powerful than the old X-Treme FX software : unlimited part/layers, unlimited FX with much more DSP, Expert mode… (more info here).

      As an old X-Treme FX user, the upgrade will cost you a reasonable price of $69 (+shipping). To order the upgrade you just need to log in to your account here, and choose the upgrade path in your account tab. And if you do so, we will offer you the UVI Retro Organs ($99 value).

      Hope that helps.

      Feel free to contact us for any further information.

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