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UVX-3P, a superb instrument at an outstanding price, $79 (introductory price – instead of $99).

Inspired by the Roland JX-3P.





$ 79

Buy Download UVI UVX-3P

instead of $99


In 1983, Roland introduced one of the first affordable analog synths, the JX-3P. The JX-3P signaled a shift away from control dense synths like the JUNO and JUPITER series for a less intimidating, more entry-level aesthetic aimed at players who wanted the Roland sound without being distracted by a slew of controls.


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That said the JX-3P was in no way technically inferior, offering many of the same components as its more expensive siblings‚ it even boasted dual DCO’s per-voice compared to a single in the JUNO series making it somewhat of a sleeper powerhouse.



Not as pervasive as the JUNO series, the JX-3P was still a very capable and expressive instrument used by many well known pop acts such as Stevie Nicks, Vince Clark and The Cure as well as electronica pioneers Orbital and The Future Sound of London.



UVX-3P was developed with the same care and thoroughness as our other Vintage series instruments. A JX-3P was fully restored to factory spec, programmed by members of our sound design team and deeply multi-sampled, capturing samples both dry and with the built-in analog chorus enabled. Great care was taken to capture a wide range of the sonic capabilities of this synth, giving you 160+ presets in all.

Explore the included sounds or design your own patches from scratch through an immaculately prepared UI. Take your sound design even further with the wide range of effects available in the industry leading UVI Engine.




With the free UVI Workstation 2.0.9 (required version), UVX-3P can work:

• as a stand-alone instrument, compatible with Mac & PC

• as a VST, AudioUnit, RTAS and MAS plug-in.


With MachFive 3 – make the most of all editing features included!



iLok required

An iLok account and an iLok smart key (version 1 or 2), which must be purchased separately, are required.


* Roland, JUNO, JUPITER and JX-3P are trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated, endorsed, connected or sponsored in any way to this website or any of our affiliate sites; therefore do not be confused between UVI and these brands.


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13 Responses

  1. Stephen Frost says:

    How do you open a UFS file ?


  2. Stephen Frost says:

    It’s OK My Brain Just woke up :-)

  3. Matt says:

    I’m not sure if perhaps I did something weird along the way, but I am unable to select between pink and white noise manually. It is set to whatever the presets are defaulted to (most usually pink). Also, the sequencer page doesn’t appear to have any affect that I can hear. I am able to edit the arpeggios using UVI Workstation’s own sequencer, but it doesn’t seem to sync with the sequencer page. All of the Arp presets are defaulted to the same 4 step sequences as well…?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond pleased with the way this collection sounds. If I can figure out what is going on with these other two hiccups, this collection may just be my favourite UVI collection to date! ^_^

    PS: I am using 2.0.9.

  4. Chris Miller says:

    I have the Emulation II and the UX-3P. Love the patches, but how do I save my own patches? Manual doesn’t cover this.

  5. Keith says:

    Does the demo only have 3 presets?


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