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MachFive 3 | Review from Pro Tools Expert (formerly the AIR Users Blog)

Awarded in January 2012 as the Pro Tools Expert (ProTools tips, tricks & training) Editors Choice, MachFive 3 keeps on proving its rich and powerful capabilities. Here below a full review posted on this blog.   MOTU MachFive 3 – Pro Tools Expert review December 12th, 2011     These days it seems every man

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MachFive 3 | MusicTech Choice Award

Beside two precious awards mentioned in the “MachFive 3 | Awards are rolling in” article, published on January 2012 : – the Keybuy Award from Keyboard Magazine – the Editors Choice Award from the Air Users Blog this month, MachFive 3 continues to win another one from the very popular MusicTech Magazine : the MusicTech

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MachFive 3 | Awards are rolling in

MachFive 3 is out and awards are coming in, along with praise filled with words like astounding, unbeatable, tremendous and unparalleled. Keyboard Magazine, one of the most respected music technology publications out there, is so impressed they just gave MachFive 3 their Key Buy award, saying that “…no other sampler better integrates synthesizer functions.” Could

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