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Music’O'Baby | Free during Xmas time

During 2 days, on Dec. 24th and 25th, the iPad app Music’O’Baby is free for download. Don’t forget to offer yourself more little gifts. It’s Xmas time !   Listen to demos here Watch the trailer clip here Further information here     Music’O’Baby is the very first « baby » app that takes real consideration of sounds

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Complete Toy Museum | Extra days for more toys!

Great news! Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to extend the Complete Toy Museum Christmas offer for a further week, so that everyone can take full advantage of this amazing collection at half price. Get more toys, get more joy to celebrate the New Year that’s coming soon. Less worries, just joy. So, until Monday

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Complete Toy Museum | Half price … Double joy!

You too, will receive plenty of toys this Xmas! During 7 days, from Dec. 16th to 23rd, be extravagant! Enjoy the Complete Toy Museum amazing collection at only $299*. Save up to $300 this Holiday Season! – on DVD : click here – for download : click here    Complete Toy Museum features tons of marvellous “ready-to-play”

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