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Cinesamples is now UVI Powered

We at UVI are very pleased to welcome aboard Cinesamples, whose the goal is to create niche libraries with the highest quality. Cinesamples’ instruments have been used across the globe and have been featured in countless blockbuster film, television, trailer and video game releases. Cinesamples’ latest release Randy’s Celeste, leveraging the advanced UVI Engine, is

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MachFive 3 | IRCAM Granular Synthesis

Another demo from MOTU’s Matt LaPoint to demonstrate MachFive 3‘s IRCAM-based granular synthesis engine by applying simple, yet effective, granular techniques to the main Star Wars theme.  

MachFive 3 | IRCAM pitch-shifting & time-stretching

An intuitive demo from MOTU’s Matt LaPoint to demonstrate the quality and depth of MachFive 3‘s IRCAM-based audio pitch-shifting and time-stretching capabilities, from one-bar loops to full-length mixes. In the video : the iconic Star Wars theme used as example.  

VI Labs is now UVI powered

We at UVI are very pleased to welcome aboard VI Labs, whose products integrate cutting-edge technology resulting in highly efficient, realistic and deeply customizable sound tools.   VI Labs’ latest release True Keys Pianos, leveraging the advanced UVI Engine, is now out. A beautiful collection of 3 of the most popular grand pianos in the

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Gospel Musicians is now UVI powered

We at UVI are very pleased to welcome aboard a new member, Gospel Musicians, whose slogan and goal are “Making Musicians Into Ministers”. Let’s have a look at their latest release, Pure Sine.   ——————————————————————————————————————————————–   Pure Sine   “Capitalizing on UVI Workstation | MachFive built in wavetable and analog synthesis, Pure Sine focuses on

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Sonokinetic is now UVI powered

We at UVI are very pleased to welcome aboard Sonokinetic, one of the most inspiring libraries editors of the market, renowned for their wealth of “unique”.   ——————————————————————————————————————————————–   Bagpipes   Let’s discover the brand-new Sonokinetic release, Bagpipes, a unique and powerful collection of 4 authentic bagpipes from the most musically influential regions in Europe.

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MachFive 3 | Update to version 3.1.2

MachFive 3, the full version of UVI Workstation, is updated to v.3.1.2.   Introduction of numerous enhancements • Enhanced scripting support • Improved streaming with looped samples • Minor user interface enhancements • Improved handling of MachFive 1 presets • Improved handling of keygroup velocity/key fades • Better compatibility with MagicMouse and Trackpad • Added

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Darklight IIx | Your time has come !

UVI is very pleased to present Darklight IIx, a brand-new UVI instrument inspired by one of the most mythical Computer Music Instrument of the 80′s.     Costing upwards of $100 000, the desirable dream machine of the 80′s was unattainable by most. Used by countless prominent artists, including Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Michael Jackson,

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Tines Anthology | The soul of Electric Pianos

We are happy to release Tines Anthology, the ultimate UVI collection featuring eight fabulous Electric Pianos, deeply multi-sampled and wonderfully scripted. From 1965 to 2007, dive into the complete legacy of the most well known Electric Pianos brand!   SPECIAL! Introductory price : $149 instead of $199 • • • • • • • • Buy DVD

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Electro Suite | Create yours! • NEW •

We are pleased to launch today Electro Suite, a unique compilation of powerful instruments and a huge sounds library – featuring construction kits, loops and single elements – exclusively dedicated to Electronic Dance Music.     Simple use, rich sounds and inspiring tools – create your own electro hits at a glance! – By the makers

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