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UVI Workstation | v.2.5.0 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.5.0. > [Downloads] Tab   What’s new? [New] New streaming engine with special optimization for lossless compressed sample format [New] Background sample loading resulting in faster instrument loading [Fix] CPU optimization of Xpander filter [Fix] Reduce memory footprint [Fix] Fix possible ASIO issue on Windows

UVI Workstation | v.2.2.2 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.2.2. > [Downloads] Tab   What’s new? [Fix] Fix regression in arpeggiator [Fix] Fix possible issue with OSX 10.9 in StandAlone [Fix] Fix possible issue with software licenses

New | EPIX Bundle 10 by Musician’s Friend

A vast collection of Instruments by our partner Musician’s Friend EPIX Bundle 10 With the EPIX BUNDLE 10, get 41 vital music software tools to produce high-quality audio results ! This collection includes Instruments, Drums and Percussion, Mixing and Mastering Effects, DJ tools, Tutorials, Utilities and an award-winning professional DAW from 25 of the best

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New | Gospel Musicians “FM TiNES”

A fabulous UVI-Powered release from Gospel Musicians : FM TiNES The best 80s and 90s vintage sounds of the FM Electric Piano Library Discover a great vintage FM Electric Piano Library from Gospel Musicians. Unleash the depth of that beautiful 80s and 90s electric piano sound with the buttery sounding UVI Sparkverb™! Get inspired !

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Virharmonic | Soloists Of Prague is now out !

A fabulous UVI-Powered release from Virharmonic : Soloists of Prague After the amazing Voices Of Prague, Virharmonic has come up with a new revolutionary library of four fantastic voices : Haunting Soprano, Furious Alto, Smooth Tenor and Lamenting Bass. Singers are from the world-acclaimed Prague Philharmonic Choir. Soloists of Prague is the first word-builder instrument

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UVI Workstation | v.2.2.0 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.2.0. > [Downloads] Tab   What’s new? [Fix] Fix Hold mode in arpeggiator [Fix] Fix regression introduced in 2.1.9 regarding some piano libraries

UVI Workstation | v.2.1.8 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.1.8. > [Downloads] Tab   What’s new? [Fix] Fix some crashes in Urban Suite [Fix] Fix Windows 8.1 support [Fix] Fix some unwanted keyboard stealing

UVI Workstation | v.2.1.7 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.1.7. > [Downloads] Tab   What’s new? [Fix] Fix regression introduced in 2.1.6 regarding macro knobs [Fix] Other minor fixes

UVI Workstation | v.2.1.6 available

UVI Workstation is updated to version 2.1.6. > [Downloads] Tab   What’s new? [Fix] Fix 32-bit installer issue on Windows 64-bit [Fix] Reduced memory usage [Fix] Other minor fixes

New | Gospel Musisians’ “Talkbox® Jr.”

An amazing UVI-powered release from Gospel Musicians : Talkbox® Jr. The Ultimate Talkbox Sound and Synthesis Library Talkbox® Jr. features the classic funky Talkbox® samples from Mr. Talkbox himself, Byron Chambers – one of the “New-School” talkbox professionals, scoring hits with Tobie Mack, Martha Munizzi and a countless number of other well-known artists. Included is

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