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Google celebrates this wednesday the 78th birthday of the american electronic music pioneer, Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog, with an awesome Doodle : a entirely playable MiniMoog.

Every user of the worldwide-known search engine can play with this virtual synthesizer by simply clicking on the keys.

Google also included the ability to record, to listen back, and even to share your composition on their social network, Google+, by clicking on the g+ button.
More of that, this “Moogle” includes volume, mix, oscillator, filter and enveloppe controls.
You can see it here today or otherwise you’ll be able to find it there.
Arturia and the other MiniMoog emulations don’t have to worry, this doodle is not as efficient as them. However, which is surprising is that the Moogle wasn’t developped with a Flash script, but in the HTML5 language. This real-time sound manipulation technology was in the sight of many web actors, like the Mozilla foundation. We can see today that Google made a great breakthrough with this virtual synthesizer.

Here’s a short Robert Moog’s biography

Dr. Robert A. Moog, born on May 23rd 1934 at New York and deceased on August 21st 2005 (71 years old) at Asheville in South-Carolina, is an electronic engineer, and the conceptor of the homonym synthesizer.
After studying engineering and electronics, he was used to fix Thereminvoxs with his father. In 1964, one of his customer, a compositor and also a music theory teacher asked him a synthesizer in kit form. He then made a more compact synthesizer (at this time, they only fits in a whole room), and add by the way an oscillator, filter, and volume control. The played sound is now evolutive, and no more linear. The first Moog synthesizer was born.
Introduced during the Audio Engineering Society Congress, in 1964, his device is a real success, and permits Robert to begin a large scale production.
Then, the MiniMoog became a legend, it was used by very famous artists, like The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Edgar Winter, Jean-Michel Jarre, and even jazz artists, like Herbie Hancock or Chick Corea, and also funk artists, as Georges Clinton’s Funkadelic and Frank Zappa.


And here is a demonstration video of the MiniMoog’s Doodle :

YouTube Preview Image

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